Arrival Guidebook

Arrival information

Child Supervision

Parents are to properly supervise their children at all times. The home is not child proofed and does not offer toys; however there is a Dollar Store down the road to purchase toys, etc. A Pack N' Play is available. Please provide your own baby sheets. A white noise machine is available in each bedroom.

I truly wish I didn’t have to include this section; however, after several negative experiences I found it necessary to be clear on expectations.

  • Family board games are to be cared for and returned to their original location with all game pieces included.
  • Please do not allow children to use Directv manuals as coloring books.
  • Drink coasters are also not to be used as toys/Frisbees.
  • All horseshoes and croquet sticks/balls should be placed back in their original location and accounted for. Missing items will be charged to the guest.

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Your Wifi Password will be on the lamenated house notes document in the brochure holder near the coffee machine. Please be patient if the wifi connection is not as fast as you are used to in the city. We have the fastest DSL speed offered in our area (AT&T 6.0); however, it can once in a while be a bit pokey and is not conducive to streaming.

Feel free to use your mobile hotspot to connect, as that may provide you with quicker speeds.

What Should I Do If I Lose Internet Connection?

If internet happens to lose connection, the quickest way to reset connection is to restart your computer.

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Departure Checklist

Checkout time is 11 a.m. Please ensure everyone is out on time. Housekeeping must begin on schedule in order to prepare for the next guests. All vehicles need to be off of the property so that other cars can pull in near the waterfall. Guests are not to remain on the property taking group photos after check out time.

  • Return all items or indoor/outdoor furniture to their original location. Dragging chairs/tables on hardwood floors or deck will leave scratches on wood; please lift when moving.
  • Place used kitchen/bath towels in the backpack hampers located in each bedroom closet. Set hampers on floor. Please use a plastic grocery bag (located under kitchen sink) for any muddy/clean up rags.
  • Please do not strip bed linens; leave this for housekeeping.
  • Double check drawers for any personal items.
  • Close all windows. Set heat/air to off position. Turn off indoor/outdoor lights.
  • Please start dishwasher; detergent pods are located under sink.
  • Double check stovetop, oven, and gas grill are off.
  • You may leave leftover condiments/goods if you think the next guest may find it useful.
  • Housekeeping will remove the kitchen trash compactor bag as they will use it while cleaning.
  • Leave all keys near coffee machine. Please leave doors unlocked.

Call or text Bridget (828) 289-3200 as you are leaving. Thank you and have a safe trip home!

Elisabeth Powers

Great checklist, and cool picture! With your permission, I would like to use this in my guides.

Elisabeth Powers

Thank you! Likewise for you and anyone interested!

Reply6 months
Carl and Bridget

Yes. You are free to use anything I have in my arrival info or other things I share that I send to guests.

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Phyllis Stehlin

Bridget, Love your photos. I would like to use this photo (with your permission) to start writing our welcome guide. Were do you find these great pictures or do you pay for the photo? Thx.

Phyllis Stehlin

Thanks Bridget I will check it out.

Reply6 months
Carl and Bridget

Pixabay! I love it! They are free for everyone to use. I was so lost before Thijs told me about it.

Reply6 months
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Movie Theater Room


  • Dirty Dancing - much was filmed in Lake Lure
  • Last of the Mohicans - parts were filmed in Asheville and nearby Chimney Rock State Park
  • The Hunger Games - parts filmed in surrounding areas
  • Firestarter (with Drew Barrymore) - parts filmed in Lake Lure/Chimney Rock area

There are a few other BluRays to choose from.  You can also use the DVR to record movies.  Ingles grocery nearby has a Red Box. 

The internet in our area is not conducive for streaming videos.  We have the fastest speed that is available for our area, however, AT&T does not offer us unlimited internet and internet can sometimes be spotty due to the mountains.  

Can I Bring Standard DVDs?

Yes. Keep in mind that although you can play standard dvds, they will not play in high definition.

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Check-in Instructions

Check-in time is 4 p.m. or later, and check-out time is 11 a.m. at the latest.  If you arrive in the area early, I suggest planning some activities from my Houfy guides. Please respect the full amount of time used to have the home prepared.  I will text you if the cabin is ready a few minutes early.

Where Can I Use the Restroom?

Public restrooms are at the Ingles grocery store, 1.5 miles from the cabin.

What Should I Do If I Arrive Early?

  • Dittmer-Watts Nature Trails Park is right across the street from Ingles; this is a great place to stretch out for a walk. 
  • Larkins on the Lake restaurant is less than 2 miles away, if you want to grab an appetizer or a drink.  I will text if the cabin is available a few minutes earlier than 4 p.m. 
  • Morse Park is next door to the Lake Lure Visitors Center, a 12 minute drive from the cabin.
  • The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is a 13 minute drive from the cabin, in the same area as the Lake Lure Visitors Center.

How Do We Get into the Cabin?

Carl will greet your group upon arrival for a tour of how to operate the electronics, etc.  I will touch base a couple of days before arrival to find out if your ETA is for 4, or later in the evening. 

The keys will be near the coffee machine, and will have Ingles discount cards on them.  House Notes and Departure Checklist will be in the brochure holder. Please be sure all guests read through the documents. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen and bathrooms; it is all there for guest use.  

If you would like to test connecting to the outdoor deck bluetooth speakers, just have your phone with you and test with Carl.  Text me (Bridget) for any questions during your stay, or if you cannot locate an item.  (828) 289-3200

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Directions to A Touch of Luxury Cabin

What Is the Address?

354 Nelons Road. Mill Spring, North Carolina 28756

No matter which area you will be driving from, you will end up on Highway 9, where the Lake Lure Ingles grocery store is located.  The store is 1.5 miles from the cabin.  Off of Highway 9, you will turn onto Girl Scout Camp Road (only one way to turn), and you will see the grocery store.  Drive 1 mile, and then turn right onto Nelons Road.  Drive 1/2 mile, and you will see the 354 on the right hand side (on the gate).  

IMPORTANT:  Please double check your spelling of NELONS Road.  If your GPS tells you to turn down Owl Hollow Road - DO NOT do this.  You will be led to another cabin with a similar address, and will also lose cell reception.  Please double check your directions to be sure that you are turning onto Girl Scout Camp Road.  If you get lost, please call or text me:  828-289-3200. Or ask someone where the Lake Lure Ingles grocery store is - there is only one in this area. 

Shortly before you reach the cabin, you will see a dumpster on the left side of the road.  This is the dumpster that you will use if the trash compactor gets full during your stay; otherwise, we will take care of emptying the trash compactor after you leave.  If the neighbor asks you about it, just tell them you are renting Carl's cabin.  The neighbor has given permission for our guests to use it.  

Some of the neighbors have outside dogs, and their favorite past time is chasing vehicles.  Please know that the dogs are harmless, and if they approach you while at the dumpster, just tell them to go away and they will.  They can be quite timid sometimes.  

Please do not feed or allow any stray cats, dogs inside the cabin.

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Cabin Supplies

We will provide all basic bath and kitchen supplies.  All (kitchen, bed, and bath) linens/towels are provided.


  • Trash compactor bags (located in cabinet under the sink)
  • Dish lotion soap
  • One sponge
  • One roll of paper towels
  • Paper napkins
  • Aluminum foil
  • Saran Wrap
  • Coffee filters ( The coffee machine is a standard Mr. Coffee drip maker).
  • A few packets of complimentary coffee 
  • Powdered Creamer
  • Sugar
  • Spice rack

There will be some items in the cabinets that guests have left behind.  Also, some guests have left behind several condiments in the side drawer of the refrigerator.  Please help yourself to all. 

Each bathroom

Makeup mirror
Blow dryer
Toilet paper 
Jumbo size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  

Laundry room:
A few pods of laundry detergent are provided if you need to wash clothes.  This is located in the basement next to the theater room.

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