Fishing near Lake Lure and Mill Spring, NC

Fly-n-hook fishing CLUB

The Fly-n-hook fishing CLUB in Rutherfordton, NC is about 14 miles from A Touch of Luxury Cabin.  This lake for catfishing, is about one acre in size, and in most areas is 10-12 foot deep.  Unlike most areas, you do not need a North Carolina fishing license when fishing here. Each year, the lake gets stocked with a minimum of 1000 pounds of catfish that range anywhere from 10 - 60 lbs. in weight.  Customers can take home up to 4 catfish per person, as long as each catfish is 2 lbs. or less.   This is a great place to take the kids and teach them how to catfish near Lake Lure.  You do not need to be a member of the club in order to enjoy the facilities.  Owners, James and Paula Gorman, have been in business since 2012, and either they, or a member of their friendly staff will be happy to assist anyone who is new to catfishing. 

The Fly-n-hook fishing CLUB provides everything you will need for a day of catfishing near Lake Lure.  They rent poles, nets, stands, and various types of bait: worms, livers, salties, bream, and chicken breast; they also sell tackle, and an assortment of drinks and snacks.  You are still free to pack your own lunch, and eat at one of their picnic tables; just be sure not bring in any alcoholic beverages. If you prefer a bit of shade or if it starts to rain, 9 foot umbrellas are also available for rent; this is in addition to several covered areas you can also use, to stay dry while catfishing. 

For those with a vehicle sticker, handicap parking is available; otherwise, one of the staff may direct you to where you should park.  An onsite bathroom is also available.  The cost to catfish is $10 for the day, and kids 10 and under fish for free - as long as there is a paid adult.  On Saturday nights, you can pay an entry fee and participate in their tournament.  Money is awarded for the 3 biggest fish caught, or to the person who's 1st and 2nd catfish have the highest combined weight.  You can also win money for catching the fish that equals the weight of the jug.  Open hours vary depending on time of year, so be sure to call them at (828) 748-6491 ahead of time, or you can check out their facebook page.  

Tip:  Wifi in this mountainous area can sometimes be spotty, so bring cash payment just in case the credit card machine is intermittent.

The Fly-N-Hook Fishing CLUB
Mother's Day-- Mom's fish for free--- Happy Mother's Day here is video of part of the load of big catfish put in on 5-8-14

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