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Carl Sandburg Home

The Carl Sandburg Home is located in Flat Rock, NC.; This is across the street from the Flat Rock Playhouse, North Carolina's state theater.  Flat Rock is extremely close to Hendersonville, NC. Hike five miles of trails, visit the onsite dairy goat barn, or take a guided tour of the estate.  Carl Sandburg, known as "Poet of the People," won three Pulitzer Prizes for his poetry works, and biography of Abraham Lincoln.  To learn more about the estate, watch the video below.  

Carl Sandburg Home - Flat Rock, North Carolina
Three-time Pulitzer Prize winning author Carl Sandburg moved to Flat Rock, North Carolina in 1945 and lived there until his death in 1967. Sandburg's family sold the 245- acre property to the National Park Service shortly after his death with the promise to open it to the public as a National Historic Site.

The Carl Sandburg Home is open seven days a week, closed only three days a year.  Guided tours begin on the hour - first come, first served.  The admission fee is small, and ranges from $5 to free, depending on age.  Please read the website regarding extra parking spaces. 

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)
Carl Sandburg provided a popular voice for the American people of the twentieth century and still speaks to us through his words, songs and the beauty and serenity of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site. Explore Sandburg's legacy and Experience Your America!

Watch a video of Carl Sandburg's background. The video goes by quickly.

Carl Sandburg: His Life, His Poetry, His Cause
What can be gained from poetry? As Carl Sandburg proves, poetry can be used as a vehicle for social reform.
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Flat Rock Playhouse

The Flat Rock Playhouse is the official State Theater of North Carolina, located right down the street from the Carl Sandburg Home.  They now have two locations:  the main stage theater in Flat Rock, and a smaller theater in Hendersonville.  Both are within 45 minutes of A Touch of Luxury Cabin. The Playhouse produces professional performances, and is known as the "Broadway in the Mountains."  They have plays, musicals, and comedies for all ages.  Visit their website to purchase tickets in advance.  They also offer summer camps.  

Flat Rock Playhouse
In 1937, a group of struggling performers, led by Robroy Farquhar, organized themselves as the Vagabond Players. The Vagabonds worked in a variety of places over the course of three years, and in 1940 found themselves in the Blue Ridge region of Western North Carolina.

Flat Rock Playhouse: The State Theatre of North Carolina
Flat Rock Playhouse, The State Theatre of North Carolina, is more than just your typical theater. Led by Playhouse founder Robroy Farquhar, a group of struggling actors, or "Vagabonds," were the first to call the beautiful Mountains of North Carolina and its sacred Flat Rock, home.
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