Rainy Day Activities

Below are some activities for rainy days.

Flat Rock Playhouse

The Flat Rock Playhouse is the official State Theater of North Carolina, located right down the street from the Carl Sandburg Home.  They now have two locations:  the main stage theater in Flat Rock, and a smaller theater in Hendersonville.  Both are within 45 minutes of A Touch of Luxury Cabin. The Playhouse produces professional performances, and is known as the "Broadway in the Mountains."  They have plays, musicals, and comedies for all ages.  Visit their website to purchase tickets in advance.  They also offer summer camps.  

Flat Rock Playhouse
In 1937, a group of struggling performers, led by Robroy Farquhar, organized themselves as the Vagabond Players. The Vagabonds worked in a variety of places over the course of three years, and in 1940 found themselves in the Blue Ridge region of Western North Carolina.

Flat Rock Playhouse: The State Theatre of North Carolina
Flat Rock Playhouse, The State Theatre of North Carolina, is more than just your typical theater. Led by Playhouse founder Robroy Farquhar, a group of struggling actors, or "Vagabonds," were the first to call the beautiful Mountains of North Carolina and its sacred Flat Rock, home.
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Stephanie And Chris Cole

Free is always good! And history is even better! Field Trip!

Bridget Johnson

LOL! Glad to see someone would enjoy this. Didn't even know it was in my area!

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House of Flags Musuem

The House of Flags Museum in Columbus, NC, is a 20 minute drive from A Touch of Luxury Cabin.  Both self-guided, and narrated tours are available.  Admission is free; donations are appreciated.  The museum has over 300 reproductions of flags on display.  Please visit their website, as they are only open several days a week, and for limited hours.

House of Flags | Columbus, N.C. | Polk County, North Carolina
The House of Flags Museum in Columbus, N.C. holds more than 300 United States, military, state, and international flags including all 27 full-size official U.S. flags.

Watch an interview with Robert Williamson, the museum director

Hometown Spotlight Columbu, NC
7 News travels to Columbus, NC for another week of Hometown Spotlight

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